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Nepal 2011

Racing The Planet (RTP) has in addition to the 4 Deserts also an yearly 250 km race called "Beyond the 4 Deserts"
In 2010 it was held in Australia, the year before in Nambia and the first time in Vietnam. 

This year the race applies in Nepal, Pokhara region - in the northwest of Pokhara valley - which borders up the Himalayas (Earth's highest mountain range). 

In no other place mountains rising so rapidly, e.g. the Pokhara area has elevation which rises from 1.000 m to over 7.500 m. within an area of 30 km.

The climate is subtropical, but because of the elevation temperatures fluctuate between 25-35 degrees in summer and 5-15 degrees in winter. 

About 253 runners will participate this year, including four Danes. The race is a 6 stage race over 7 days. RTP has not announced yet how the route will be, only that we will be starting outside Pokhara.


The Nepal Race 2011

Each runner must be self-sufficient, which means that your backpack have to contain 7 days of freeze-dried food, energy & protein bars, first aid-kit etc. The average backpack weighs about 9-12 kg.

Every runner will be accommodated during the race in tents, teahouses.
See the official website of Nepal 2011